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Cities should offer English-language services

Strengthening the English language's role in Finland's public services does not contradict the aim of encouraging foreigners to learn Finnish. Finland offers several advantages that attract foreigners to live here. Finland's safety and exceptional education system,...

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Literacy strengthens democracy

Author Rosa Meriläinen, original Lukutaito vahvistaa demokratiaa ( Finns are a literary nation. As many as 82 per cent of Finns say they like to read books or listen to audiobooks. But apparently life just gets in the way, as almost a third of...

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Green Sisu ry. Spring General Meeting 2024

Annual Meeting 2024: Highlights and Takeaways (update on March 12. 2024) Our annual meeting on March 8th was a great success! Several of our new members got a chance to introduce themselves to the board and to each other, and we elected Teemu Ropponen as a new board...

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