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European Parliament elections will be held in only a few months, but before then, there is an important deadline for European citizens living in Finland: European citizens need to register as a voter in Finland by 16:00 on the 21st of March, 2024 to be allowed to vote in the Finnish European Parliament elections. A person who has registered as a voter in Finland cannot vote in their home country or another EU Member State’s European elections.

Read here the instruction on how register as a voter.

The European Parliament is a central part of the European Union’s decision making process, and influences legislation and regulations that will be enforced in Finland and elsewhere in the European Union. The European Parliament also plays an important role in the Green Transition and stopping the loss of biodiversity: for example, just this week the European Parliament passed a regulation requiring significant restoration efforts to European ecosystems by 2050.

The Greens’ success in the European election is a win both for us and for the planet. Let’s go vote for the future!